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STTAR Tutoring

STTAR  - is a peer to peer tutoring program where upperclassmen and National Honor Society members who excel in specific subjects help their fellow Vikings.   Student tutors are available for students needing assistance in most subjects taught at Lynbrook. Tutors can also tutor ELD students; some tutors are bilingual.

STTAR tutors are matched with a tutee for regular (weekly) one-to-one tutoring sessions based on availability and the subject/class.  

Tutoring Sessions

  • are virtual while we are in distance learning mode;
  • may be done using Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, etc;
  • are scheduled on a weekly basis.  Tutor/tutee may meet more than once a week if both parties agree;
  • communication is between tutor and tutee;

Email Mrs. Otoshi at miko_otoshi@fuhsd.org with any questions or concerns.