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Academic Support

Retaking Courses for Credit and/or Grade Recovery

FUHSD Summer Academy

The Fremont Union High School District offers a limited summer program prioritizing students who have earned a F in a class required for graduation. Offerings in Biology, Algebra 1, Geometry, English, World History, US History, Government, and Economics are filled first by students who have not passed the course. Students who have earned a D in any of these courses, and wish to make them up to be college eligible, are placed as space is available.

Summer Academy sign-ups begin in January. Students who need to make-up a course/grade should contact their counselor to register between January and March.

Summer Academy Programs & Information

Options Outside FUHSD

For options beyond the FUHSD Program, the LHS Guidance Team researches some local opportunities at Private High Schools, Online Summer Programs and Community Colleges to find affordable opportunities to make-up grades.

Keep in mind that for graduation purposes, a "D" grade is considered passing, but 4-year colleges may not accept a "D" grade as passing credit, especially not in required courses. Visit the University of California A-G Requirements webpage to clarify admission requirements to the University of California (requirements are the same for the California State University system.)

  1. Meet with your counselor to discuss program and goals (Counselors are not available after May 31st)
  2. Review Lynbrook's Summer Options for different ways to make up courses.
  3. It is often difficult to find equivalents for AP and honors courses during the summer and some times, it may not be possible to find a course.
  4. After selecting a program, submit a Request for Credit Form to the LHS Main Office and await approval. Request for credit forms are due to the main office by June 21 (the office is open for limited hours - check the LHS website).
  5. Once you complete a summer course, don't forget to send a final transcript to: LHS Registrar, 1280 Johnson Ave, San Jose, CA 95129.

Homework Center

The Lynbrook Homework Center is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Lynbrook library from 3:30 to 5 p.m. The homework is run by our coordinator, Mrs. Otoshi, and is staffed with Lynbrook teachers and students who are ready to help with homework, edit rough drafts of papers and study for quizzes/tests. No sign-ups are needed, students may drop-in as needed.

Peer Tutoring (STTAR)

STTAR is a peer to peer tutoring program where upperclassmen and National Honor Society members who excel in specific subjects help their fellow Vikings. Student tutors are available for students needing assistance in most subjects taught at Lynbrook. Tutors can also tutor ELD students; some tutors are bilingual.

STTAR tutors are matched with a tutee for regular (weekly) one-to-one tutoring sessions based on availability and the subject/class. 

Interested students must complete a Tutor or Request for Tutor form. These can be accessed via the Student Portal under Additional Links.    

Please email Mrs. Otoshi at if you have any questions.