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High School Planning

Lynbrook's comprehensive Counseling program includes classroom guidance units for students and grade-level evening presentations for students and parents/guardians. The following table outlines the requirements for both high school graduation and general university admissions.

High School Graduation & College Admission Requirements

Subject Requirements High School Graduation Requirements

University Admission Requirements

 (course sequence satisfies A-G eligibility requirements for UC/CSU)
English 40 4 years
Math 20 (Algebra I and Geometry)

3 years minimum (through Algebra 2)

4 years recommended

Science 20

2 years minimum

3 years recommended (core sciences)

Social Science 30 2 years
World Language* 10

2 years minimum

3 years recommended

Fine Art/
Visual & Performing Arts*
10 1 year
Applied Academics* 10  
Physical Education 20  
Electives 70 1 year (approved College Prep elective)
Subject Credits 220 15 Core Courses

*World Language, Fine Art/Visual & Performing Arts and Applied Academics are considered Selective Electives. Students must complete 10 credits each in two (2) of the three (3) Selective Elective areas.