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Guidance Team

The philosophy of the Lynbrook Guidance Department is to help support students through their academic, career and personal development. Utilizing individual meetings, classroom presentations and evening programs, the guidance team works at helping every student meet their individual goals.

Over the four years of high school, students and parents will receive the following services:

  • Academic monitoring and transcript review;
  • Individual student and parent appointments;
  • Senior intervention programs (when appropriate); and
  • College and career planning assistance.

It is important to keep your contact information and email address updated in Family Connection to receive guidance emails and to check the website often for program updates.

Staff Directory

Eric Wong

Assistant Principal

(408) 366-7719

David Erwin, Assistant Principal

David Erwin

Assistant Principal

(408) 366-7706

Jackie Perez

Guidance Secretary

(408) 366-7704

Esther Shin


(408) 366-7710

Nikki Dang, Guidance Counselor

Nikki Dang


Last Name: Cho-Kr

(408) 366-7766

Shana Howden, Guidance Counselor

Shana Howden


Last Name: Ku-Ri

(408) 366-7767

Malissa Goldstein, Guidance Counselor

Malissa Goldstein


Last Name: Ro-Z

(408) 366-7790


Susie Taylor


Last Name: A-Chi

(408) 366-7769

Barb Takahashi

College & Career Advisor

(408) 366-7718

Kathy Tang, College & Career Advisor

Kathy Tang

College & Career Advisor

(408) 366-7718

Jenna Starnes

Student Advocate

(408) 366-7743