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Essay Assistance

The College & Career Center Advisors have extensive experience at giving essay feedback to students. If any student would like to ask questions about essays or receive feedback on a college application essay, summer program essay, or scholarship essay, they can submit hard copies to the College & Career Center. Please follow the formatting directions listed here before you submit an essay for review.


The College & Career Center holds a number of workshops throughout the year. Please check the Guidance Calendar for upcoming workshops. Generally the fall workshops focus on different aspects of college applications. The January workshops give information about planning for summer. Throughout the year we also host outside speakers who typically present information on their program or college. 

Student Appointments

Students are welcome to make an appointment with one of the College & Career Advisors to get help with their college or career planning. To schedule an appointment, please stop by the College & Career Center in person and inquire at the desk. Parents or guardians are welcome to accompany their student during the meeting. 


The current list of scholarships is available through Naviance. Log into your Student Naviance account to view the many scholarship opportunities that have been made known to us.

Additionally, have you checked the online scholarship section of each university to which you are applying? This is an important task to perform to make sure you aren’t missing any steps for your best chance at financial aid. 

Diversity Fly-In Programs for Rising Seniors. Did you know that many universities sponsor fall trips for seniors to visit their campuses? Many of these programs even offer airfare! These fly-in programs are directed to students from underrepresented cultural backgrounds such as African American, Latino American, some Asian Americans (Pacific Islanders, Filipinos, Vietnamese, and others), Native Americans, and First-Generation students (first in your family to attend college). Some colleges consider any Asian ethnicity to be eligible. Sign-ups and applications are typically due by the end of August or earlier.  A few go as late as September. This is the current list of diversity fly-in programs and the link will be updated each spring.

College Presentations

Each fall, college representatives visit Lynbrook to share information about their institution. These visits can be highly informative for students as they build their college lists. Oftentimes the person making the presentation will be the one who reads Lynbrook applications, so we want to make a good impression. We expect students to be attentive and to ask good questions. Attending a presentation not only demonstrates a student's interest in a college, but also gives them the opportunity to ask questions that can't be easily found on the Internet. These college presentations typically occur during the school day and are open to junior and senior students only. 

Students can sign up to attend the presentations by going to the colleges tab in their Student Naviance account. If a student will need to miss class in order to attend, they must get prior permission from the teacher of that class. Students should make a printout of their registration and then get the teacher's signature. That signed form must be submitted at the presentation.

College Fair

The FUHSD College Fair takes place every fall on a midweek evening in September or October. Representatives from over 100 institutions attend and share information about their college or university. The fair takes place at one of the FUHSD school sites, and is open to all FUHSD students and their families. Check the school calendar for the date and time of the next College Fair.

In addition, visit the NACAC tips for attending a college fair to to learn how to make the most of a college fair and to register for local community fairs, if available.