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2019 Second Semester Final Exam Schedule & Senior Finals Week Schedule

Senior Finals Week, May 27-31, 2019

  • Monday (May 27), NO SCHOOL for Memorial Day
  • Tuesday (May 28), Tuesday Tutorial schedule
  • Wednesday (May 29), Block Schedule, Senior finals in periods 4, 5, 6
  • Thursday (May 30), Block Schedule, Senior finals in periods 1, 2, 3, 7
  • Friday (May 31), Friday Tutorial schedule

Mandatory Senior Check-Out – Friday, May 31, 1:00 – 3:00 PM behind the main office (Seniors with a 7th period: See Mr. Wong in his office when your class is over).

Friday, June 7, 2019GRADUATION

  • Seniors check-in at 8:30 AM
  • The ceremony begins at 9:30 AM – LHS Stadium! Congratulations LHS Class of 2019!

Follow this LINK: 9th-11th Grade Final Exam Schedule, June 3-6, 2019

The library will be closed in order to accommodate for AP testing and construction during the times listed below.  Please make necessary arrangements and plan ahead!  For students who need access to printers during this time, please use print stations in the College & Career Center (to the left of the main library doors).  

Wed. 5/22/19 Closed and NO HOMEWORK CENTER
Thurs. 5/23/19 Closed and NO HOMEWORK CENTER
Fri. 5/24/19 7:30am - 11:15am

Daily Bulletin



On This Day in 1818, Clara Barton Founded the American Red Cross which is dedicated to serving people in need. They are tasked by the federal government with providing services to members of the American armed forces and their families as well as providing disaster relief in the United States and around the world.


This Week:  Tuesday- Tutorial; Wednesday- Block (4, 5, 6), Late Start; Thursday- Block (1, 2, 3, 7); Friday- Tutorial


Next Week:  Monday- No School Memorial Day; Tuesday- Tutorial; Wednesday- Block (4, 5, 6), Late Start; Thursday- Block (1, 2, 3, 7); Friday- Tutorial



Pops Concerts:  The Pops Concerts are Wednesday, May 22nd and Thursday, May 23rd at 7:30PM featuring music from musical theater, movies, top 40, K Pop and the quintessential senior musicians’ skit. Tickets are $5 and available lunch and brunch in the ASB office and also at the door.

IndesignXASB Fashion Show 2019:  Hi Lynbrook, The annual IndesignxASB Fashion Show is THIS Friday, May 24th, from 7-9 pm in the Gym. Tickets are $5 presale for Lynbrook students and $10 at the door. The theme of this show is, A Night in Athens, based off Greek mythology and the celestial city.  This is one of our last events of the year, and it is a great way to see all the hard work, effort, and creativity that our Indesign and ASB members have put into producing this show. It will showcase numerous different outfits and costumes, put into 5 different categories, along with different singing and dancing performances, so it is perfect for the whole Lynbrook community, friends, and family.  Doors open at 6:30, and boba and popcorn chicken will be sold. Don't miss out!

Homework Center:  On Wednesday and Thursday, May 22 and May 23, Homework Center is canceled due to AP Testing. Homework Center will resume on Wednesday, May 29th, 3:30 PM-5:00 PM.


APUSH Mandatory Meeting:  To all Sophomores enrolled in AP US History for next school year (2019-20), there is a mandatory meeting, on Wednesday, May 29th at Lunch (1:05PM) in the Gym.  We will be going over course expectations and materials for those that wish to get ahead over the summer.


Seniors: Your Google Account Won't Graduate With You!  Check your School Loop inbox for a message about your Google Checkout options.


DECA Incubator:  Are you an entrepreneur? Perfect! The third annual Lynbrook DECA Incubator is here! This is an event where you can pitch your idea to venture capitalists and CEOs around Silicon Valley to gain feedback and win AMAZING prizes. In addition, all competitors will receive a chance to attend workshops led by successful entrepreneurs and get FREE FOOD. The event will take place in rooms 605/606 on Friday, May 24, 2019, from 3:15 PM - 6:30 PM. You don't need any prior experience before signing up, so come compete!  Sign up in teams of 1-3 and learn more at

SPORTS (Home games bolded):

All Boys’ Athletes who have a Sports locker:  Please remove all of your personal items out of your locker.  Any items remaining after May 31st will be donated or thrown away.

This Week:

Track and Field CIF State finals at Fresno on Friday 5/24 and Saturday 5/25 – TBD

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Issue 7| April 2, 2019| Lynbrook High School

Spring: The Beauty and the Bustle

With all the rain we have had, let's hope for a mild, flower-filled season and let's try to make time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

The Bustle

As you are planning for the next ten weeks of school, please be considerate of the following things:

  • Run Hide Defend Drill: Don't miss the staff meeting on April 9. The San Jose Police Department will be here to review emergency protocol. The drill is scheduled for  April 23, 2019. 
  • Field Trips: Thank you, Linda Sakoda for putting all of the field trips for the next two months on the LHS Staff Calendar (click the link to access the calendar).
  • Due dates for projects: The second semester is a typical time to assign projects to students. In the past, we have tried tracking due dates. Teachers have asked for some way to see the due dates of projects and other high-stakes assignments. To facilitate this, I  created a calendar in Google Sheets.  This document will only be helpful if teachers enter their information. Let's give it another try. Teachers, please enter the days you have high-stakes projects, exams or writing assignments due. This calendar will only be viewable by staff.  Here is the link. You need to use your FUHSD log in to access it. 
  • AP Exams May 6-17 (mostly): If you teach an AP class, please remind students that the work and requirements of other classes are not excused during AP exam time. That being said, the exam schedule is provided to assist with curriculum planning.  

The Beauty 

  • Showtime! Make time to see the charming and uplifting spring musical, Beauty and the Beast. It has been many years since we have had a musical on the main stage. Click here for showtimes and ticket information. Don't miss it!
  • Spring Break: Be sure to give your students and yourself a break over the break. The campus will be open April 15-19 from 7am-10 pm. It is my sincere hope that you do not need to come on campus.  Friendly reminder: The school is always alarmed on Sundays and holidays. Do not enter classrooms if the alarms are on.
  • PTSA Honorary Service Awards, April 24, 2019; This a night of smiles and kind remarks as community members and staff are recognized for their service beyond self. 
  • Red, White & Blue Awards are on May 2, 2019. Celebrate the students who make a difference on our campus every day. Red, White and Blue awards are given to students who make meaningful contributions on campus. Some are academic superstars; others are great students and outstanding human beings. Mark your calendar for this event.

Deadline for Summer Conference Request and Grant Requests

All grant requests and summer conference requests need to be submitted by Wednesday, April 10, 2019.  If you need assistance, email Maya ( or drop by her office.

Supervision Duty Fulfillment— getting down to the wire

Have you completed the required supervision duties for the year?  Students really appreciate seeing teachers and staff at their extracurricular events. If you missed a supervision duty that you were signed up for, or if you have not signed up for all 4, you still have time to take care of this. Check with Assistant Principal Brooke Chan to see if there are activities that still need coverage.

CAASPP Testing complete and Science test for seniors is next up

High fives all around for a successful CAASPP testing season.  Assistant Principal Eric Wong was a master organizer and the morning yummies were a nice touch. The yogurt parfaits were delicious, and the cereal through-backs took us back to our Saturday morning cartoon days.

The LHS Govt/Econ teachers- Mike Williams, Jeff Bale, Dave Pugh, Esther Phan, and Nate Martell --will be proctoring the CAST(science assessment) during class time. The seniors will take this exam the week before spring break. This year, the juniors took the CAST along with the CAASPP. That means no state testing will be required of them next year.

Homeroom, Tutorial, and Bell Schedule Tweaks for 19-20

The school year is on a quick pace to June.  I know many of you are wondering about the plan for Homeroom in 2019-20. The plans for Homeroom are intricately connected to tutorial changes and the bell schedule tweaks. Here is a brief rundown of where things stand:

Bell Schedule Adjustments:  There were two meetings during lunch where the staff was asked questions and provided input to improve the current bell schedule. The suggestions were taken to the district Bell Schedule Input Committee.  A poll/survey is being created that will contain options for adjustments to the schedule. It will be out to staff just before or just after Spring Break. Monta Vista and Lynbrook must agree to the same adjusted bell schedule. There may be more than one round of surveying required to narrow down the options to ultimately arrive at one option that works for both schools. 

Tutorial & Tutorial Guidelines Update: The topic of tutorial came up at the monthly Advisory Council meeting. For many years, there have been ongoing, informal discussions about how students use tutorial. There are concerns that students are not using these instructional minutes wisely. There is another conversation about how teachers want to use tutorial time(i.e., rehearsals, labs, PE make-ups, etc.) Crystal Isola sent an email on April 1, asking for others to join her and form a committee to provide teachers with a framework of suggested uses and "discouraged" uses of tutorial time. The group would also provide input to update the Tutorial Guidelines for Students. The administration and a crew of helpful staff volunteers have a plan to walk campus to get "snapshots" of how students currently use tutorial. The snapshot data will be shared with the Tutorial Guidelines group to help inform their process. We will also look at how other schools in the district structure their tutorial times. We want to accomplish three things: 1. Understand how tutorial is currently being used 2. Provide a Framework of Tutorial Practices for Teachers 3. Draft Updated Tutorial Guidelines for students.

Homeroom: The following parameters were approved by FEA in early March.

Summary of Tutorial Parameters Pilot for the 2019-20 school year

  1. Number of Alternative Tutorials: The district shall limit the use of a closed tutorial to no more than 10 events where the FEA unit member is expected to deliver an activity designed to promote social-emotional learning/wellness of our students (as opposed to core subject matter).
  2. Teacher Support: It is recognized that some of the topics surrounding social-emotional learning and equity can be unfamiliar and challenging for staff to teach. Instructional support shall be provided in order to boost the competency and comfort level of teachers who desire such assistance. Note: this is not intended to be an opt-out clause.
  3. Student Assignment:  As a default, students in the above-referenced tutorial sessions shall be connected to one of the other classes that the teacher already teaches. However, should the majority of unit members agree that a different arrangement makes more sense then the will of the majority shall be honored. As with Parameter 1, such different arrangement votes shall be subject to FEA consultation and approval of form and process.
  4. Subject Matter: The use of these closed tutorials are not designed to create an additional subject matter class for any unit member.

General Plan for 2019-20: Given these parameters, Homerooms next year will consist of a teacher's existing class. Teachers will have their own students. As a result, some homerooms will have mixed grade levels. The size of homerooms will vary, too. Homerooms will meet weekly for study time, and no more than 10 times a year there will be a planned activity/lesson targeted to our school action plan.  In a nutshell, one tutorial will be "closed" for Homeroom and teachers will have their own students.

The Specifics: There is still much to be decided. There will be a survey to students and staff to follow up on the survey that was conducted in early December. We will ask some of the same questions, but some will be removed and replaced depending on the tweaks to the bell schedule and the new tutorial parameters. The following things still need to be worked out:

  • Which class will be used for Homeroom?
  • What activities will be planned? Who will plan them?
  • What will teachers who have a prep (no students) during Homeroom do?
  • How will administrators, guidance counselors, school psychologists, the student advocate, the library media teacher, and classified staff stay involved in Homeroom?

It is my hope that all of these questions can be answered by May 17. Given that there are factors beyond our control, we may not have everything decided by the end of May.

Construction update

Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding while the new quad and cafeteria are underway. As you can see when you walk by the area, the building will be fully enclosed soon. The concrete for the seat walls along the side of the quad is being poured.  We are on schedule for an August opening of the Cafeteria, and approximately 70% of the quad will be complete. We will be able to walk across the quad from the office to the auditorium at the beginning of next school year.

The gym lobby project needed to be reworked and the plans are finalized. They have been submitted to the Division of the State Architect (DSA). The gym will be closed in the summer (June 10- July 26) to prepare it for the major part of the construction project that will begin in March 2020. It is slated for completion in December 2020.

The last few months, representatives from the office staff have met with architects to design the new Guidance Student Support building (new office). We used much of the input that was offered the last time we looked at an office redesign. I have included an image to give you an idea of what the architects are envisioning. Better renderings will be shared when the final drawings are completed.

Tips for Teaching Realistic Optimism

Optimism is more than positive thinking; it's a way to combat learned helplessness that is created when one approaches a challenge with a defeated mindset. Students manifesting learned helplessness refuse to engage in any effort that could lead to improved outcomes, even if these ways are available, obvious, and easy.

Student-Teacher Relationships Are Everything

By James E. Ford I can't overstate this point. In the classroom, relationships are everything. I learned this early in my teaching career when I was fortunate enough to return to my alma mater to student teach at Auburn High School, in Rockford, Illinois.

How Teachers Are Changing Grading Practices With an Eye on Equity

But as Sigmon looked at the logic and supporting data Feldman presented and tried tweaking a few things in his classes, those challenging ideas started to make sense to him. He realized the way he graded was largely based on his own experience in school and beliefs about what students "should do."

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