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Vision & Values

Lynbrook High School's vision is to create a dynamic environment of respect and achievement where all can learn deeply, apply their knowledge and contribute purposefully.

This vision will be achieved through:

Personal Growth in a caring, supportive community that values

  • Honesty and integrity;
  • Respect and empathy;
  • Personal responsibility;
  • Creativity and innovation;
  • Balance; and
  • Physical and emotional wellbeing.

Learning in a vibrant, positive environment that values

  • Knowledge and skills;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Problem solving;
  • Learning process and meta-cognition; and
  • Technology tools.

Teaming in a collaborative culture that values

  • Quality work;
  • Personal commitment;
  • Reflection and self-evaluation;
  • Leadership and service; and
  • Community and world connections.

This vision will result in an extraordinary community of learning leaders making individual and collective contributions toward a better world.