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Principal's Message

Maria Jackson, Principal

Lynbrook- where the extraordinary happens!

Lynbrook is a vibrant community where students are encouraged to be bold and curious.

As principal, I am committed to creating a supportive environment where. . .


  • broaden their understanding of the world.
  • collaborate to achieve what they cannot do alone.
  • create art and music, and discover ways to express themselves.
  • develop curiosity.
  • discover the beauty and value of all people.
  • find room to explore.
  • recognize that the adults on campus care for and respect them.
  • embrace challenges and discover that they can learn and grow in every subject area.
  • learn to think creatively, deeply, and critically and grapple with the issues of our times.
  • speak out for what is right and good.

Teachers & Staff

  • engage in creative endeavors to inspire students.
  • experiment with different strategies to support all students.
  • feel valued and respected for the important work they do.
  • receive support and have the tools needed to do be successful.
  • take time to care for themselves and pursue their interests.

I strive to ensure that Lynbrook is a place where success is not narrowly defined by grades, test scores, and awards but a place that values and celebrates altruistic students of good character.