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On this day in 1916, Albert Einstein submitted to the German scientific journal his General Theory of Relativity. The General Theory of Relativity deals with the relationships between space, time, matter, energy and gravity, and changes Newtonian physics’ understanding of them. As a consequence of Einstein’s equations, whose validity has been confirmed experimentally, it became clear that time and space comprise a single continuum, whose shape can be bent or warped by gravitation.

This WeekMonday- 7 Periods, Tutorial; Tuesday- Block (1, 2, 3, 7); Wednesday – Block (4, 5, 6), Tutorial; Thursday- Block (1, 2, 3, 7); Friday- Block (4, 5, 6), Open Tutorial.

Next WeekMonday- 7 Periods, Tutorial; Tuesday- Block (1, 2, 3, 7); Wednesday – Block (4, 5, 6), Tutorial; Thursday- Block (1, 2, 3, 7); Friday- Block (4, 5, 6), Advisory.



Opportunity Fair - Come to the Opportunity Fair in the quad on March 22 during Tutorial and Brunch. Meet reps from summer programs, Local businesses for summer jobs, Community Colleges and more! This event is for all students so come and check it out!

Speaker from the US Dept. of State - Allison McCoy, Lynbrook Alumna class of 1996, is a Foreign Service Officer in the US Dept. of State. This is a unique opportunity to hear about her experience and the careers available in the US Dept. of State. Come to the College and Career Center on March 24 during Tutorial and hear Ms. McCoy's experiences!

STTAR Tutor Program - Request a STTAR tutor now if your grade is a "B" or below.  A STTAR tutor can help you with reviewing course material, organization and give you tips on improving your study skills. Visit https://lhs.fuhsd.org/guidance-student-support/sttar-tutoring and click on “Need a Tutor?”



2025 cookie decorating event - Hey 2025! Be sure to come out to the cooking classroom (room 509) Monday 3/20 at lunch to decorate sugar cookies with St. Patrick's Day theme icing and sprinkles! Spots are capped at 48 participants so be sure to rsvp your spot at bit.ly/25cookiedeco.



Author Visit - The library is hosting author Lynn Ng Quezon TOMORROW in library Study 1 and 2 between 12:30 and 2:45.  If your class has signed up to attend, we look forward to seeing you.  If you'd like to enjoy an author visit in a more informal setting, Ms. Quezon will be joining the Students for Literacy Club in Study 1 during lunch.  All are welcome to attend. Please visit the library or the library's webpage for details.  https://lhs.fuhsd.org/academics/library

Saratoga TAB Medical Career Day – Join us on March 27 at 5 pm for a live talk featuring Dr. Anh-Quan Nguyen, a practicing interventional cardiologist from Saratoga, and a Q&A with three medical students completing their residencies.  Sign up for the online webinar at: bit.ly/saratoga-tab-medical-career-day

Machine Learning Hackathon Event - The Machine Learning Club is hosting a 1-week hackathon open to all students this March. Come to the hackathon kickoff Friday, March 24th in the Cafeteria after school at 4:30 PM to meet other participants from various clubs on campus. The hackathon will host workshops in collaboration with the Neuroscience, CAA, Economics, Research, and Web Development clubs. No previous coding experience is required to enter! Sign up and learn about more details using the interest form at https://tinyurl.com/MLHacksSignUp.



Lynbrook Track Invitational 3/25 - Come watch Lynbrook's first annual Lynbrook Invitational track meet this Saturday at the Lynbrook Track from 830 AM to 4 PM! There will be over 20+ schools competing to win medals. Admission will cost at least $5 per person for viewing.


This Week (Home Games in BOLD):

3/20: Boys Varsity Tennis vs Wilcox, 3:30 pm

3/20: Boys F/S Tennis vs Wilcox, 3:30 pm at Buchser Middle School

3/21: Badminton vs Saratoga, 5:15 pm at Saratoga

3/21: Baseball vs Fremont, 3:30 pm

3/21: Boys F/S Tennis vs MacDonald, 3:30 pm at MacDonald

3/21: Diving vs Valley Christian and Sobrato, 4:00 pm

3/22: Softball vs Monta Vista, 4:00 pm

3/22: Boys Volleyball vs Cupertino

           F/S – 5:30 pm, Varsity – 6:45 pm

3/23: Badminton vs Wilcox, 5:15 pm

3/23: Baseball vs Cupertino, 4:00 pm at Cupertino

3/23: Boys Golf vs Monta Vista, 2:30 pm

3/23: Softball vs Gunn, 4:00 pm at Gunn

3/23: Boys F/S Tennis vs Fremont, 3:30 pm at Fremont

3/23: Boys Varsity Tennis vs Fremont, 3:30 pm

3/23: Track & Field vs Palo Alto, 3:30 pm at Palo Alto

3/24: Swimming vs Mountain View, 4:00 pm at Mountain View

3/24: Boys Volleyball vs Harker

           F/S – 4:30 pm, Varsity – 6:00 pm

3/24: Badminton vs Milpitas, 5:15 pm

3/25: Track & Field vs TBA (Lynbrook Invitational), TBA time

3/25: Baseball vs North Salinas High (Doubleheader), 11:00 am and 1:00 pm at North Salinas High


Next Week (Home Games in BOLD):

3/27: Boys Golf vs Los Altos, 4:00 pm

3/28: Badminton vs Cupertino, 5:15 pm

3/28: Baseball vs Saratoga, 4:00 pm at Saratoga

3/28: Boys F/S Tennis vs Milpitas, 3:30 pm

3/28: Boys Varsity Tennis vs Milpitas, 3:30 pm

3/28: Track & Field vs Los Altos, 3:30 pm

3/29: Boys Golf vs Palo Alto, TBA time

3/29: Softball vs Palo Alto, 4:00 pm

3/29: Boys Volleyball vs Monta Vista

            F/S – 5:30 pm, Varsity – 6:45 pm

3/30: Badminton vs Palo Alto, 5:15 pm

3/30: Baseball vs Monta Vista, 4:00 pm

3/30: Softball vs Fremont, 4:00 pm at Fremont

3/30: Boys F/S Tennis vs Santa Clara, 3:30 pm at Santa Clara

3/30: Boys Varsity Tennis vs Santa Clara, 3:30 pm

3/31: Swimming vs Milpitas, 4:00 pm

3/31: Track & Field (Stanford Invitational), TBA time

3/31: Boys Volleyball vs Mountain View at Mountain View

           F/S – 5:30 pm, Varsity – 6:45 pm

4/1: Track & Field (Stanford Invitational), TBA time

4/1: Baseball vs James Lick High, 11:00 am