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Today’s inventor for Black History Month is Garret A. Morgan, Sr.  In 1914 Morgan patented a breathing device he called the Safety Hood.  This became the prototype and precursor to the gas masks used during World War I.  In 1923 he created the electric 3-signal traffic light to be used at street intersections as a tool to control the flow of traffic.

This Week:  Tuesday- Tutorial; Wednesday- Homeroom, Block (4, 5, 6), Late Start; Thursday- Block (1, 2, 3, 7); Friday- Tutorial

Next Week:  Monday- 7 periods; Tuesday- Tutorial; Wednesday- Homeroom, Block (4, 5, 6), Late Start; Thursday- Block (1, 2, 3, 7); Friday- Tutorial


Lynbrook STEM Expo:  Come see YOUR PEERS present award winning research and engineering projects on March 5th in the Library during lunch! GET FREE PIZZA. Pizza that's free? YES. PIZZA AT NO COST! (in a crazy maniacal tone) PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA. This is your conscience saying get free pizza and watch your peers present award winning projects at the STEM EXPO! March 5th in the Library at lunch! Seeeeee youuuu thereeeeee.


Hearts Week:  Hey Vikings!  For those who do not have thirds and those who haven't picked up their hearts yet, please come to the den (Room 006) during brunch and lunch to pick up your heart by the end of this week.



Lynbrook 2021 Junior Prom:  Tired of 12 am study sessions trying to decipher Huckleberry Finn? Enjoy a night “Under the Moonlight” at 2021 Junior Prom which will be Saturday, March 21st from 8-11 pm at The Glasshouse in San Jose. Tickets will be sold in the ASB den at lunch starting this Friday, February 28. Purchase your bids soon for an early bird pricing of 70 dollars, which is only available to the first twenty-one buyers! Regular sales will run March 4 through March 6th, followed by late sales from March 10th – 11th. More information can be found in the 2021 Facebook group.



This Week:

Tuesday 2/25 - Baseball vs Prospect Frosh/Soph – 3:30PM away; Varsity - 3:30PM home

Tuesday 2/25 – Boys Golf vs Fremont at Sunnyvale Muni – 3:00PM

Tuesday 2/25 – Track and Field Andy Anderson Relays at Santa Clara – 3:00PM

Wednesday 2/26 – Boys Volleyball vs Saratoga Frosh/Soph – 5:30PM; Varsity - 6:45PM

Wednesday 2/26 – Boys Tennis vs Cupertino Frosh/Soph – 4:00PM away; Varsity – 4:00PM home

Thursday 2/27 – Boys Golf FUHSD Tournament at Moffett – 12:00PM

Thursday 2/27 – Diving at Mountain View – 3:30PM

Friday 2/28 – Swimming at Mountain View – 3:30PM

Friday 2/28 – Boys Volleyball at Monta VIsta Frosh/Soph – 5:30PM; Varsity - 6:45PM


Next Week:

Tuesday 3/3 - Baseball vs Live Oak Frosh/Soph – 3:30PM home; Varsity - 3:30PM away

Tuesday 3/3 – Boys Golf at Milpitas – 3:00PM

Tuesday 3/3 – Boys Tennis vs Fremont Frosh/Soph – 4:00PM away; Varsity – 4:00PM home

Wednesday 3/4 – Boys Volleyball at Everett Alvarez Varsity - 6:45PM

Thursday 3/5 – Boys Golf vs Mountain View at Moffett – 2:30PM

Thursday 3/5 - Softball vs Lincoln Varsity - 3:30PM

Thursday 3/5 – Diving at Wilcox – 3:00PM

Friday 3/6 – Swimming at Wilcox – 3:30PM

Friday 3/6 – Boys Volleyball vs Los Gatos Frosh/Soph – 5:30PM; Varsity - 6:45PM

Saturday 3/7 - Baseball vs North Salinas Frosh/Soph – 12:00PM away; Varsity – 12:00PM home

Saturday 3/7 - Softball vs Watsonville Varsity – TBD

Saturday 3/7 – Track and Field Rust Buster Invitational at Monta Vista – TBA