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California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress (CAASPP)

General CAASPP Information

The Smarter Balanced Test assess students' English and Mathematics abilities as part of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) which is required by California State Law. It is crucial for our students to take this test for the purposes of Lynbrook's requirement and FUHSD to report testing information to the State Department. As a result, we are expected to make every effort to test 100% of our students. If Lynbrook fails to meet minimum requirements of testing all students, this can have a negative impact on Lynbrook High School as a whole.

The Smarter Balanced test has two components

  • Performance task for English and Math that will have fewer questions but will have more depth.
  • Students use a computer on both components of the test. The test is computer adaptive (levels change based on the student response). At Lynbrook, we primarily use Chromebooks.

In the past, students took the CST (California Standards Tests) in the context of the STAR program; however, in 2014 California moved away from giving the CST's and started giving the Smarter Balanced tests in the context of CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Progress and Performance). In other words, Smarter Balanced is the new CST and CAASPP is the New STAR.

EAP (Early Assessment Program)

We hope that students and parents understand that there is a link between high school testing and college readiness.

The EAP helps students determine their readiness to take college-level general education (GE) written communication and math/quantitative reasoning courses before attendinga California State University (CSU), or one of the participating California Community Colleges (CCC).
  • CSUs use CAASPP results to determine a student's Early Assessment Program (EAP) status
  • CAASPP results that include EAP status are sent in mid to late August
  • EAP status for English and mathematics is located on the right side of the CAASPP Student Score Report
  • Students should review results and keep their CAASPP Student Score Report records in a safe place
  • Students may need to provide results to CSU admissions or participating CCC’s upon request
  • CSUs and CCCs automatically receive CAASPP results if students authorized the release of their results
    • Students must authorize the release of their results by marking the release button at the end of the CAASPP assessment for English language arts /literacy and math. The authorization must be done for each one separately. Students that mark the “Do No Not Release” option at the time of the assessments will be required to submit their results to the CSU or participating CCC at a later date.

EAP CSU Information Flyer

CAASPP Results

New Practice and Updated Training Tests for the California Science Test

The new online practice tests and updated training tests for the California Science Test (CAST) are available on the CAASPP Online Practice and Training Tests Portal. The new CAST practice tests mirror the depth and breadth of content of the operational test. One test per grade (grades five and eight and high school) is available, and three performance tasks—one from each science domain—are included. The practice and training tests feature all the accessibility resources on the operational CAST.

New features include:

  • Expandable items that minimize scrolling for students by allowing the ability to expand items and toggle between full and split screens
  • Hmong glossary as a designated support
  • Streamlining as a designated support
  • Periodic table that can be resized and moved within the item and is accessible for students using Job Access with Speech (JAWS)