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Meet our Students

Lynbrook High School student Anna Shaposhnik


Anna Shaposhnik, Class of 2020

Anna will be attending the Iovine and Young Academy at the University of Southern California, majoring in Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation

“Lynbrook gave me the opportunity to explore across many domains. As an underclassman, I was all at once a part of Robotics, Mock Trial, Speech and Debate, Character Design, Thespian Society, Future Business Leaders of America and more. Not knowing how my future would play out, trying this variety of activities helped me realize my true interests. Today, those lie in art and technology, and how I may combine the two through design. I deeply thank Lynbrook robotics coach David Giandomenico for teaching me the engineering mindset. I’ve gained experience using 3D software for robot design, machining aluminum, crafting our photo journal and so many valuable soft skills. Team 846: The Funky Monkeys, with all my friends and mentors, is my home away from home.”

Lynbrook High School student Andy Li


Andy Li, Lynbrook High School, Class of 2020

Andy will be attending the University of Southern California, majoring in Economics

“Seek discomfort. It’ll open new doors and broaden horizons. My advice for underclassmen is a quote I like to follow. That is to “seek discomfort.” We often hate being in moments of discomfort, but sometimes it is only in these uncomfortable situations where our best self comes out. I think what truly made my high school years special were all the memories I made with all of my friends. From the bittersweet moments of Homecoming to the exhilaration of being on the stage for Silsilay to the feeling of unity during the Club Review process, it was these moments that made the experience all the more enjoyable and exciting. I am most grateful for all of Lynbrook, from the students to the teachers to the administration. All of it has helped me be the “me” I am today.”

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