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Peer Tutoring Program (STTAR)

The peer tutoring program is administered by Mrs. Otoshi. Tutors are available for students needing assistance in most subjects that are taught here. Tutors can also tutor ELD students, and some of them are fluent in other languages.  You get the added benefit of helping others.



 Need a tutor?   


  • Fill out the form online, print and submit the form to the STTAR box in the library next to the scanner.  Any questions, email Mrs. Otoshi (miko_otoshi@fuhsd.org)


  • Hand written forms will not be accepted.
  • Not earning an "A" in the subject being tutored.                                                                                             


Want to tutor?


  • Must have a 'B' average in the subject you want to tutor in.                                                                                              
  • Must be a student in good standing.
  • Fill out the form online, print and submit the form to the STTAR box in the library next the the scanner.  Any questions, email Mrs. Otoshi (miko_otoshi@fuhsd.org)
  • Hand written forms will not be accepted. 
  • After reading the Agreement, sign at the bottom of the form.


STTAR Tutor Request Form


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STTAR Tutor Information Form


Agreement for STTAR Tutors


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 What's Next?...

TUTORS: After you return your Tutor Information Form, your name will be added to the available list of tutors.  Once matched, you will be contacted by email with the tutee's contact information and instructions.

TUTEES:  After you submit your Request for Tutor Form, you will be matched with an available tutor for the requested subject.  Once matched, you will be emailed the tutor's contact information and instructions.

Agreement for STTAR Tutors

Criteria and Instructions for being a STTAR Tutor


Tutors will NOT be available on an “as needed” basis. Both tutor and tutee must make a commitment to the relationship and agree to meet at LEAST one hour a week for a minimum of 6 weeks.  If your tutee fails to meet with you, report the problem to Mrs. Otoshi (miko_otoshi@fuhsd.org), and make yourself available for another tutee who needs you on a regular basis. 

Starting the process:

If you receive an email informing you of your tutee match, it is then YOUR responsibility to make contact with that person within 24 hours to set up a regular tutoring schedule. You will find a copy of the Timelog form on School Loop. Meet with the tutee’s teacher during tutorial and set some goals that you would like to accomplish during your relationship. Have the teacher sign the Timelog form at this first meeting. If you cannot contact your tutee, or if something is not working out, please report the problem to Mrs. Otoshi (miko_otoshi@fuhsd.org) as soon as possible.

As you tutor....

Every time you meet with your tutee, you need to record the time spent and the general idea of the work that was done on the Timelog form. Your tutee also needs to sign his initials in the correct column on the Timelog form each time you meet, to verify the time spent tutoring. This form is crucial to fill out each time, so I can have an accurate picture of how much work has been done. PLEASE do not wait until the semester break to fill out this info. It needs to be done as you go along. You also need to fill out a new Timelog form for each different person you tutor. Make sure you have the required signatures at the top of the form.

I have finished tutoring this person. Now what?

Notify Mrs. Otoshi (miko_otoshi@fuhsd.org) as soon as possible. This is how I know that you are available again, so I can assign you someone else who needs help. You may tutor more than one person if you wish.

What if I need to get in contact with my tutee’s teacher?

Great! Remember, you must meet with the teacher at least twice (once at beginning and then at the end of each semester).  I strongly encourage that you meet with the teacher if you are having problems helping the tutee or need some more assistance. The best time to see a teacher is during tutorial time.  Remember that the teacher must sign in the appropriate space on your Timelog form at the beginning and the end of each semester and include his or her comments.

At the end of each semester:

If you wish to apply for the Board of Trustees Community Service Award during Senior year or get your ASB Activity point sheet signed, your Timelog form needs to be turned in and show at least 12 hours of tutoring at the end of the semester. I will send you an email with the due date. This way, I can check on your progress and determine how well the program is working.  

If at any time during the year you have any sort of problem with this program, email me. I am here to help you in any way I can.

Miko Otoshi